Tax Efficient Funding for Businesses

Our market research tells us that many organisations that need cleaning equipment (scrubbers, dryers, pressure washers, sweepers etc) dont want to pay for servicing or breakdowns for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Those running well organised companies would prefer to fix their costs for 3 years rather than getting a cheap deal and paying unknown servicing and breakdown charges. Manchester Pressure Washers, together with a long established finance house, can now offer an “All inclusive contract rental”.  This we call Option 3.  It is available on all equipment costing over £1,000 – subject to finance approval.

Other options are available as explained below.

Our Tax Efficient Funding Options

Option 1

  • Up to 3 years lease rental
  • Twelve months parts and labour warranty *

Option 2

  • Up to 3 years lease rental
  • Up to 3 years parts and labour warranty *
  • Up to 3 years servicing

Option 3

  • Parts & Labour warranty
  • Service visits
  • Replacement of all wear and tear items such as hoses, brushes, seals, squeegees, guns etc (All Inclusive)
  • Up to 3 year term
  • Up to 3 years parts and labour warranty *
  • Up to 3 year service agreement
  • Up to 3 year replacement of wear and tear items (including : hoses – brushes – trigger guns – squeegee)

* Only exclusions : damage caused by neglect, misuse or abuse.

Tax efficient – No capital outlay – No unexpected breakdown costs – Easy budgeting – New equipment – Peace of mind

All options shown are based on 1 months deposit followed by selected monthly payments. All prices are subject to VAT at current rate.

Option 3 : All Inclusive Contract Rental : Your Questions Answered

Q. What is included in the all inclusive scheme?
A. A new machine, parts and labour guarantee on the whole equipment as supplied, service parts and labour at agreed intervals, replacement of normal wear and tear items including hose, gun and lance, brushes and squeegees for the agreed term.

Q. What is not covered?
A. Any damage to the equipment caused by misuse, abuse or negligence.

Q. Will I have to pay for parts replaced during a normal service or the labour?
A. No, these items are included in the package.

Q Will I have to fill in a claim form if my machine breaks down?
A. No, we take care of all documentation; all you do is sign a worksheet.

Q. How much will it cost me?
A. We have packages starting from as little as £2.95 per day for an auto stop/start cold water machine.

Q. How soon could i have a new machine?
A. 3-4 days if the paperwork gets returned quickly and is accepted by the Finance House.

Q. Which machine should I choose?
A. With our 40+ years in the industry, we will always and honestly advise the best model and package to suit your needs.

Q. Suppose I just want to buy outright, as I always have done? 
A. Although we strongly recommend our inclusive packages, we would always discuss the various options on an outright purchase.

To discuss your particular requirement please contact Mike or Nick

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