Sweeping Machines

As with scrubber dryers, sweeping machines come in various shapes and sizes ranging from a small push-along sweep only unit through traction-driven pedestrian models with vacuum and filtration up to ride-on machines.

All these are capable of sweeping floors but as always there are situations that dictate that one model is more suitable than another.

For example, you wouldn’t use a sweeper without a vacuum and filtration inside a building as this would create clouds of dust. Neither would you use a small pedestrian sweeper for clearing a multi-storey car park!

This is why we like to arrange a site visit so we can assess our customer’s needs and advise accordingly.

Our Sweeping Machines Product Range

Our product range is based on long established technology with minimal use of electronics etc. Easy to use controls ensure the operator is comfortable with the controls and is at ease using the machine.

Manchester Pressure Washers offers both Pedestrian Sweeping Machines and Ride-on Sweeping Machines.

Some of our popular models

Battery operated version

Sweeping Machine - battery operated

Honda petrol engine version

Sweeping Machine - Honda petrol engine version

Ciclope 70B Ride on

Sweeping Machine - ride-on

Contact our support team for further details of our range.

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