Floor Cleaning Machines



Keeping floors clean is an ever increasing requirement from a kitchen to a warehouse, a showroom to a health club or workshop.

The wide range of floor types, the soiling, size of area and time available makes the need for a site visit essential. We take great care in understanding these factors before making our recommendation for a scrubber dryer.

We believe that over recent years many manufacturers of floor care machines have made them considerably more complicated than they need to be, in some cases they use a computer to raise the squeegee when in fact all you need to do is lift a small lever by hand. This may suit some customers but usually the simpler the operation, the more reliable the machine and the lower the ongoing running cost will be.

OMM Scrubber Dryers & Sweepers

Our Floor Cleaning Machines Product Range

Our range of Scrubber Dryers is based on longstanding proven technology with the minimal use of electronics and hi-tech circuit boards. This ensures that operators of machines are comfortable with the simple controls are happy using them and buyers know they are not paying for features they do not need and won’t have to pay for to fix when they go wrong.

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