Portable Spraying Units and Sanitizing Detergents

Cleanliness and Sanitization is more important now than ever before. With that in mind we have taken the decision to extend our product offering for customers to include portable backpack, wheelable and bowser spraying units. These units, in conjunction with our sterilizing detergents can be used to clean and sanitise vast areas very quickly.
During the current pandemic, it has become mandatory in many regions to sanitize work areas and communal spaces for the safety of employees, visitors and customers alike.

In addition to the above units we have expanded our range of chemicals to include sterilizing detergent for use specifically with the sprayers or a more heavy-duty foaming sanitizer which can be applied with pressure washers where appropriate.
We have also been able to source hand sanitizer from 500ml to 25Ltr units should that be required.

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