The Comet Camel 11/150 Cold Water Pressure Washer

The latest addition to our range – guaranteed not to give you the hump!

Developed to cater to the needs of customers who require the flexibility this machine offers. We have introduced this unit for those who require a limited amount of cleaning time at a location where water and electricity are not readily available. With this completely self contained mobile pressure washer you can clean and disinfect or just wash an area for approximately 10 minutes which in many cases is time enough to get the job done. For example, cleaning and sanitising a small area of a school or college yard or perhaps removing a small area of offensive graffiti from a wall or indeed washing a few waste bins in a remote location of a building complex or removing moss from a flight of slippery steps.

Comet Camel
Comet Camel

Bigger Jobs

For longer cleaning times or continuous use, one of the biggest problems facing the operator of a pressure washer is a poor water supply, this causes the pump to build up then drop in pressure making the task of getting on with the job almost impossible and if there are other demands on that supply such as toilets, showers or washing machines being used, the job will almost certainly come to a stop. With the Camel you can connect to the main water supply and the tank will act as a reservoir, compensating for fluctuations in water pressure, giving you uninterrupted cleaning performance, thus ensuring the job can be completed.

Standard Specification Camel 11/150

  • Water Capacity 125ltrs
  • Honda GC160 Petrol Engine – 4 stroke unleaded
  • Pump Comet AXD3020G – 11ltrs per minute @ 2200psi
  • Hose Reel with 15mtrs High Pressure Hose
  • Low pressure chemical injection
  • Infinitely variable pressure control on lance
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