Getting into Hot Water

Comet FDX

With the addition of a Comet standalone boiler unit you can convert a traditional cold water petrol or diesel engine pressure washer into a hot water unit as and when required for a multitude of tasks such as chewing gum removal, heavy duty degreasing, graffiti removal etc.

The advantages of this concept are that a self contained mobile hot water machine can cost many thousands of pounds and if you use it for any work requiring only cold water you are over specifying for the job, when you could be using instead a smallish easily transported cold water machine and when hot water is required, then connect up the boiler unit.

  • Difficult to put into words so phone us and we will explain the advantages.
  • Typical saving on a hot water mobile unit could be as much as £5,000

Comet FDX

Comet FDX 18/220 & Boiler Unit
This COMBINATION gives you
Hot Water @ 3200 psi @ 18litres per minute

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